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My Go To Food/Bev Picks for Travel - 2020 Edition

Let's face it, the options for eating on the go are not always the best. That's why I like to prep ahead whenever I can and bring my own.


I know, I know...who is traveling in 2020?! Well, travel for me includes road trips or anytime I'm away from home for over an My husband and friends know I come prepared.

Most of these options are easy to carry and not messy. Please also note: these are not full meals, but rather intended to hold you over till you can get to a meal option that looks and tastes good.

14 Go To Food/Bev Picks for Travel

1. Beef Jerky

Look for a clean brand with none to minimal added sugar. I like Country Archer, which I found at Costco and on Amazon. Chomps is another good brand.

2. Avocado

If you're not an avo fan, I'm pretty sure you won't like anything else I post bc you'll never find me on a road trip without an avocado stashed somewhere. Remember to also bring your own seasoning, like an Everything But the Bagel Seasoning or a simple salt and pepper pack.

Read more on benefits of fat under option #7 below.

3. Olives

These portion size packs are perfect and keep things clean. I get mine from ThriveMarket. Trader Joes also carries similar.

4. Powdered Bone Broth

Great way to enjoy a savory drink with the added benefit of protein and minerals. I like Barebone or Lonolife - either can be found at Costco or Amazon.

5. Hydroflask

Had this for the past 3 years. The dimensions make it easy to fit in cupholders and my bag. It keeps my drinks warm or cool for hours.

6. Electrolyte Replenishment

An every day need if you ask me, but especially when you travel or are headed to tropical locations, its important to replenish your electrolytes. Those on a low carb lifestyle should also up your mineral stores (sodium, potassium, magnesium). These Elemental Labs grab and go individual packs are sugar free and a delicious way to stay hydrated. My favorite flavor is Citrus Salt. These are pricey, but good news is that Thrive Market just started carrying them at a more affordable price.

7. Macadamia Nuts or nut of your choice

Go for a raw or roasted with no added refined oil option. I like macadamia nuts because they are higher in fat. I get mine at Costco or Thrive market.

Remember: consuming fat in moderation = satiation (NOT I will get fat). Also, did you know that a lot of the nutrients you eat are fat soluble? This means many nutrients need fat to be present for your body to absorb them. Also, fat plays a major role in hormone regulation.

8. Pique Tea

Lots of flavor and caffeine/non caffeine options with this clean tea brand. I like that it easily dissolves in either hot or cold water and there's no messy tea bags involved. Whole Foods and most specialty grocery stores carry this brand. I also see it here on Amazon.

9. Roasted Seaweed

The Gimme Organic brand has minimal ingredients and I'm partial to the teriyaki flavor. I get mine from Thrive market but I believe Costco has these too.

10. Whisps Cheese Crisps

These are super easy to make at home with fresh parmesan. But when you don't have time these are a perfect grab and go item. The salt and crispiness of these wafers is satisfying. I recently paired it with avocado and it was delicious. These are cheaper at Costco, but are also available on Thrive Market and Amazon.

11. Protein Powder of choice (pack each serving in ziplocs for ease).

Respected Nutritionist Kelly LeVeque @BeWellByKelly came out with a super clean whey protein powder. She sold out of her first run, but more should be coming early September on Amazon. I love both her vanilla and chocolate flavors and think its the best on the market for taste and has all essential amino acids, making it a complete protein powder. For those that care, it's also made with a safe extraction process.

Note: Speaking from experience 😬, TSA will pull you aside to check any white powdery substance, so if you want to avoid this, check it in your bag.

12. Blender bottle to shake and drink #11

I got mine on Amazon and like the sport cap on this one.

13. Whisk to blend any powdered beverages

I like having this on hand to blend #4 or #8 or even #11. I even use it daily for my morning collagen coffee or an afternoon pick me up of an adaptogen matcha latte.

14. Lily's Chocolates - the darker the better (aim for 70% or higher).

This brand uses sugar that doesn't spike your blood sugar as much and also contains added fiber (acacia or inulin aka prebiotics) to feed the good bacteria in your gut. Chocolate with antioxidant digestive benefits, sign me up! I get these from Target but also see the variety pack on Amazon here. Blood orange and salted almond are my favs.


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